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DPT aims to provide quality testing methods and analysis techniques not only for testing piles but also for revaluation both before, during and post installation of piles. 

These testing tools are applicable to all type of piles, be it driven or cast-in-situ. 

Geotechnical engineers and contractors would find these tools helpful in improving quality control and installation of safe and economical piled foundations.

PDA© Testing

PIT™ Testing


Cross-Hole Analyzer/
Sonic logging(CHAMP)

Signal Matching Analysis 
(using CAPWAP®)

Vibration and sound monitoring 
- SSU Seismograph

Ultrasonic Weld Testing


Today's high foundation loads and fast track jobs require modern construction control. The Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA), Pile Integrity Tester™ (PIT), Cross-Hole Analyzer® (CHAMP) and the signal matching analysis CAPWAP® programme serves to verify the integrity, driving stresses, hammer performance and bearing capacity as well as quality and consistency of various pile installations. We also provide vibration and sound monitoring services using the SSU Seismograph during pile installation. This could protect both owners and contractors from potential litigation should adjacent properties be damaged during the course of construction.